Hi! I’m Zoe, Tekla’s great-great granddaughter. As a mom I know how mothers and their families suffer when “that mother stuff” isn’t addressed. Now I help mothers, daughters, and their families live better lives together.

I guide women and mothers of all ages to individual solutions for their mother stuff, with:

 • the wisdom of a mother
 • the knowledge of a new-parent educator
 • the skills of a coach

After my daughter was born I fell hard into the trap of believing I had to suffer to do what was best for her. Instead I suffered, she suffered, and my partner suffered. 0-3. It took me almost 2 years to learn how to thrive in motherhood the long, hard, obscure way. (I can’t copy/paste the priceless guidance I received, but I'll share my actual reading list if you want to nerd out with me🤓)

I know all the problems mothers face in America’s broken system. But moms stretched to the max need solutions. I founded Mamatekla because mothers shouldn’t have to figure out how to feel better by themselves. So I developed a specialized mother-informed coaching practice so other mothers can have a boost along their unique journeys. You’re at the wheel, I just turbo-charge your engine.


Who’s Tekla?
Tekla was my yiayia, and her pro-yiayia before her. My pro-pro-yiayia was midwife and healer in her village on the Greek island Cefalonia. It’s her legacy of mother care I call forward in working with my clients.

What’s coaching?
If therapists are experts in what’s wrong, coaches are experts in what’s normal. Coaching is facilitated and guided "internal work" for people who have had life experiences that led to patterns they'd now like to change (aka all humans). People call it all sorts of woo-woo, but really it's just a facilitated space and time to do the good work of being better humans for ourselves and others. Mother coaching does that specifically with you as a mother at heart.
*Zoe is not a licensed psychologist or therapist, and does not diagnose or treat mental illness.

Why coaching? Why not a course or workbook?
Never say never, but I know what it takes to DIY personal transformation *while* keeping tiny humans alive, and I’m not about to preach that approach to people who already have an unacceptably long to-do list. Coaching clients personally lets me do a lot of the heavy lifting for them.

More questions? Write me! ztlk(at)mamatekla.com

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