The Simple Start to Fixing Three Types of Mother Problems

mother stuff

From dealing with your mother, to becoming a mother, to living as a mother, mother problems are so ubiquitous we don't even talk about them. And yet we can't overcome something we ignore. 

Mother stuff lays the foundations of our emotional and relational wellbeing, but cultural stereotypes don't allow us to process anything about mothers or motherhood. After years of ignoring our unprocessed stuff, it can get really heavy and weigh us down in all areas of life.

Becoming a mother
When a woman has a baby, she becomes a mother. But very few resources help women transition into their new roles and identities as mothers. Where’s the active help for new moms in their new lives? Accessing the wisdom of millions of mothers can help when learning how to live your life as a mother.

Living as a mother
I don't know that it's ever been easy to live as a mother. But 2020 in America is a particularly difficult time to be trying to survive and raise children in almost unbearable uncertainty. It's long past time mothers have access to meaningful support beyond platitudes or substances.

Dealing with your mother daughter relationship
The way your mother lived taught you certain things about what it means to be loved, cared for, and worthy. Patriarchy does a great job at pitting mothers and daughters against each other, causing mother daughter relationship breakdown, and distracting from the real cause of their pain: patriarchal society that does not support mothers or daughters to flourish as full human beings.

How many times have you heard a version of this story: girl or woman has an experience of inequity that really cuts to her core. She tries to tell someone she loves about it. She tries to say, “This happened to me. This was wrong.” And instead of listening and saying, “You’re right, that was wrong. We're going to do this about it,” instead, they ask, “Are you feeling okay? Did something else happen that you're upset about? Are you sure you're not hormonal? Are you sure you're not imagining it?” And so, women get the message that rather than receiving help, they are the problem that must be fixed. 

Here’s your simple start - flip the problem over ➰ and reveal the real problem that needs fixing.

  • As a new mom I’m too tired to do everything  ➰  I need more sleep and more support as a new mom
  • I’m constantly falling behind with everything I need to do ➰  I need more constant support in getting things done
  • My mother criticizes everything I do ➰  Culture is a wedge in my relationship with my mom

I don't believe mothers or daughters need to be fixed. But they do need support and guidance to overcome the effects of invalidation, gaslighting, and lack of support they've experienced in life.

And now, there's finally a place daughters and mothers of all ages and stages can turn to find support and relief. Through Mamatekla I provide coaching for all sorts of mother stuff, so you can begin a new chapter of life on a foundation of respect, confidence, and love, that you can then share with everyone in your life. Because when daughters and mothers are supported to feel better, everyone in their lives flourishes.

Ready to discover a better way to deal with mother stuff?